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December 2014
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Well folks, it's been real.  Here at Lost Tribe we don't pride ourselves on much, but we are proud of the fact that we have been able to give you a quality podcast each and every week.  Come hell or high water we've always delivered a podcast that we've been proud of, and we aren't about to start half-assing things now.  As a result, this will be our last podcast for the time being.  Life just gets too busy sometimes and with a slew of weddings, second/third/fourth jobs, vacations, etc. there is no way that we can keep delivering a podcast every single week.  For the time being we will be going on 'hiatus'.  What that means, I'm not exactly sure, but it does allow us to return at a future date if we are so inclined, and maybe get in on some that reunion tour money (Judge and American Nightmare doesn't deserve it all).  And for anyone wondering, yes, we will still keep the website going, and will probably be a lot more active posting reviews there as we no longer have the podcast to discuss the music/movies/comics/video games/politics/etc. that we do or do not like.  So enjoy this final episode, where the boys talk about not-so-sexy gangster rap, World War Z, and a whole bunch of other cool shit.  It's been a lot of fun, so thanks for listening.

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On this episode the boys Whole Foods, Jack Astor's, and end of another fantastic season of Game of Thrones.  Seriously, how good was Season 3?  And yes, we talk all about the Red Wedding and what is to come.  We also talk about Orphan Black and how Canadians are rocking US-based British TV stations.  We then have a rather lengthy discussion about steven soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra and whether Liberace was in fact a note-worth ladies man.  He wasn't, but what if?

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In this episode the boys discuss international Slayer purchases, the official release of Xbox One, and the battle lines that have now been drawn between Microsoft and Sony's PS4.  The reason we can have this debate is because E3 has happened and all sorts of glorious new techy things have been announced that the boys talk about, rate, and drool over. As a bonus, more invested members of Lost Tribe explain everything about the evolution of video games to those less in-the-know.  Finally, Marvel movies get some talk time as everyone ponders why Guardians of the Galaxy is becoming a blockbuster.

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In this episode the boys deliver the best podcast of this, or any, decade.  We discuss new bands like Heartless and Greber that are great, and older music that is incredibly shitty like Fall Out Boy.  Then there is a discussion about World/Inferno Friendship Society and bizarre old ass shows like Air Wolf....and no, I don't really remember it either.  We talk about the new Start Trek movie and argue over how good it is, but we all agree that the technology they has is something we most definitely want!  We talk about other shit, but I'm writing this at my parent's place with the worst netbook ever, so I'm not writing anymore.  Enjoy.

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In this episode the boys discuss awesome local hardcore shows (RIP Purity Control and hurray for Pick Your Side) and revist the Rob Ford crack smoking scandal.  The majority of the episode is dedicated to the return of Arrested Development and how season 4 stacks up against previous episodes (hint: we like it, but lets not go overboard, it wasn't THAT great).  Following that, the boys discuss how the future is here, and it's going to watch you in your living room! Xbox One, PS4, etc. are all on their way and while their technology is impressive, it may also turn out to be invasive and downright creepy.

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In this episode the boys discuss the comedic-live-theatre genius that is The Book of Mormon and what a frustrating clusterfuck trying to buy live theatre tickets can be.  In terms of music, old Nails and new The Wonder Years albums get discussed and praised while I See Star's cover of Bane gets properly ripped apart.  At this point the discussion turns to the boys' nerdy youth, when Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering ruled their girl-less nights.  Also, how fucking cool are 20-sided dice?

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In this episode the boys explain the absolute clusterfuck that is the politics of the city of Toronto.  Specifically, we discuss how the 4th largest city in North America has an 'alleged' crackhead for a mayor.  Thank you Rob Ford for being an unending stream of embarassment for all of us.  On the second half of the show is dedicated to the trainwreck that was the season finale of Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.  Bon Appetite!

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This week the boys begin by discussing Iron Man 3 (dont' worry, no spoilers) and happy-go-lucky music that seems to have an appeal during summer time. From there the majority of the episode focuses on the passing of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman and what it has meant to the metal community and to each of the boys themselves.  This was a musician who was a true juggernaut, and almost single-handedly transformed what Trash Metal guitar playing was.  He wrote Angel of Death.  He wrote Reign in Blood.  And now he's dead.  Fuck.  RIP.

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On this horribly recorded podcast (don't worry, we've figured out our sound issues and every podcast after this one will sound like sonic gold...so don't get your panties in a bunch.) the boys talk about incredibly ridiculous and awesome sorority letter that has taken over the internet as of late.  We love her.  We hate her.  We love to hate her.  Once we get over our internet obsession, they discuss the repress of Cursed's legedary 'One' album, and other newer Toronto bands that are worth checking out.  Furthermore, the initial This Is Hardcore 2013 line-up was announced, so they talk about how great Kid Dynamite is.  Moving away from music, the guys talk about Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, and how even non-gamers should definitely play the Bioshock games.  Fuck Ayn Rand.

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In this episode the boys discuss the tragedy of the Boston Marathon and all of the heroicness and idiocy surronding it.  They were unsurprisingly impressed with how the city of Boston dealt with such horrific events and continue to believe that it is one of the, if not the best city on this stupid planet.  Sadly, Alex Jones, Twitter, CNN, and conspiracy theory fuckwits had to make a bad situation worse by being some of the most irresponsible, selfish assholes imaginable.  Boston Strong.

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